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More than 25 years of experience

Goodbye tight faces, inexpressive and frozen facial features

Dr. Cooremans proposes multiple and subtle combinations of products and techniques that will give your face back its NATURAL look and HARMONY.

According to us, this type of medicine requires

The eye of an artist

Instead of focusing on an isolated defect, the idea is to look at the face as a whole, to make it look more rested and youthful.

Anti-aging Medicine

Signs of premature aging usually appear between the age of 35 and 45

Lack of energy

Mood swings

Sleeping disorders

Sexual dysfunction

Weight gain

Muscle weakness


Your skin

You should no longer fall into the trap and the promises of miraculous results that the cosmetics industry often sells us.

To have nice, healthy skin you need:
A good diet and good hygiene.
Know what your skin needs for a glowing complexion:

      1. Cleanse
      2. Illuminate
      3. Hydrate
      4. Strengthen
      5. Unify

Treatments for women

IUVENTU has a reputation for excellence and exceptional patient care

Woman face : Iuventu Lift®

No surgery
No scar
No downtime
No pain
No bruising

Woman body

Fat removal
Butt-lift (Hyalcorp)
Breast-lift (PRP)

Intimate rejuvenation

Vaginal dryness
Lip modeling
Vaginal slackening
Urinary incontinence
Improve orgasm (O-Shot®)...

A medical team at your side

Treatments for men

Discover all our treatments dedicated to men


No surgery, no downtime, less than 1h
Look less tired, healthier
Look more masculine : jaw, chin


Fat removal
Buttocks and pectoral muscles (Hyacorp)

Our Medical Specialists

Discover our team

Dr. Cooremans and his young & dynamic team are pleased to welcome you to the IUVENTU clinic

Founder and medical director of the clinic. Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth
Medical assistant, Aesthetician
Dr. Mustafa SAFAR
Aesthetic Medicine, Specialist in Liposculpture, consultant
Dr. Sana JABRY
Doctor of Medicine, Gynaecology-Obstetrics
Mustapha MOBAYED
Medical assistant, specialised in Coolsculpting, peeling and radiofrequency

Stem cells

PRP Magellan

Not all centrifuges are created equal !


No injectables


Against sagging skin

For patients who do not want injectables, no syringes are required

For women and men

Non invasive

Women & men

Hands rejuvenation

Hyaluronic acid

Simple and painless

Treatment in 15 min, effects for 1 year


Intimate rejuvenation

Vaginal slackening

Lip modeling

Urinary instability

Increasing the clitoral sensitivity

For patients under 35 years old


No needles, no pain

Combination of 3 treatments: medical peeling, three-dimensional radiofrequency, light therapy

Visible results from the first session

No downtime


Over 50 years old

Non resorbable threads

Over 50 years old with significant slackening

Rediscovering a harmonious face without scars or social eviction

Alternative or complement to surgical procedures



No surgery

No downtime

No pain

Erectile dysfunction

The "Priapus Shot®" (P-Shot®) is a new procedure to rejuvenate the penis with no side effects or surgery

And if...

It depends ! It all depends on your genetics and your lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, sun ...); this is especially for expression lines which sometimes start very early even at 20 years old, such as frown lines which laterally break the skin between the eyes and give a worried or angry appearance. We can also inject PRP in the face to slow down the aging. One can start at the age of 30. Make an appointment for a 3D study of your face. Dr. Coooremans will provide you with a personalized treatment plan, e.g. Botox®, Iuventu Triade, fillers, absorbables threads.

No ! It's never too late to take care of yourself! whatever your age, there is always a way to slow the sagging of your face by several non-surgical methods such as intensive radiofrequency, Iuventu Lift and facial foundation treatments with injections of fillers in several stages spaced one month apart. The placement of non-absorbable threads. Make an appointment for a 3D study of your face. Dr. Cooremans will provide you with a personalized treatment plan.

Yes ! it is simply removing the growth hormone that is in your own blood and injecting it elsewhere (face, hair, breasts, penis, clitoris...) with PRP Magellan.

Of course not! It's as if you've taken a break from your natural aging and after 1 to 2 years the natural sagging starts again but certainly not any faster.