Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture


First of all, I have to emphasize that liposculpture is NOT a treatment for obesity. Called the lipo procedure of the future, it helps to remove fat tissue you are unable to get rid of through regular diet and exercise.


Tickle lipo or NIL (Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction), is a new procedure that significantly reduces discomfort during a liposuction with NO general anesthesia. It is much faster than the old traditional liposuction, as well as safer. Plus this new procedure has a “lifting” effect by fibrosis to reduce sagging belly skin.


Tickle Lipo is NOT for people who are expecting to lose a significant amount of fat tissue. Nothing replaces a healthy diet and exercise! Tickle Lipo targets the fat areas resistant to diet and exercise.


1. After a small incision in the treatment area, a small canulla ( thin tube without needle ) is inserted. It will infuse all that area with a numbing , tumescent, anesthetic fluid.

2. After another micro-canulla used to suction out fat tissue has been inserted , this cannula from LIPOMATIC rotates and vibrates(10Hz) on its own, rather than manually by the doctor, thus enabling the fat to dissolve and be suctioned out. The gentle whirling motion reduces pain and causes a tickling sensation!

3. As the patient isn’t under general anesthesia, the curves of his or her body are visible when he or she assumes another position, and the tissues take their place allowing us to evaluate more precisely the final results.

4. The incision is so small (less than 5 mm) that no suture is needed. This also enables the injected liquid to spill into the incisions.

Advantages of Tickel Lipo (NIL LIPOMATIC) over other similar treatments

NO surgery, NO general anesthesia.

Liquefying and simultaneously aspirating fat make the procedure much shorter.

Less discomfort during the short recovery time.

Painless procedure, only tickling sensation!

"Lift" effect due to nutational LIPOMATIC cannula.


Should I wear a support girdle? YES. You’ll have to wear it day and night during a period of 10 days. We advise you to keep wearing it for 12 hours a day during the second and third week post-procedure.

What about going back to work or heading back to the gym? As this is outpatient surgery, daily activities should be resumed as quickly as possible (brief social isolation prevents the risk of deep vein thrombosis). The day after procedure, rest is advised, since the patient may experience discomfort from the support girdle. 2 days after the procedure, the patient can go about his usual routine. Getting back into a moderate workout routine is possible after 10 days.

What about sun exposure? The treated area has to be protected from sun damage for 2 months. We advise you to wait until the doctor gives you the green light.

Is it painful? Impressive but not painful. Only an unpleasant tickling sensation.

What happens to the excess skin after the procedure? Due to its natural elasticity, but also through the “LIFTING” effect of the LIPOMATIC, the skin will be retracted in the treated areas. However, for patients with poor skin tonicity, the results may be imperfect.

How soon can we evaluate the results? The post-procedure oedema and bruising will disappear after 1 month. The lifting “effect” can still improve for several months. Definitive results can be observed after 6 months (of course with a balanced diet).