Iuventu Triad

Developed by Iuventu in 2016, this high performance triad is a combination of three treatments, which allows visible results to be obtained from the first session.

Price : 200€

Duration : 1h30

No social exclusion

What is the principle?

Without needles or pain we combine:

1. A personalized medical peel (after a preliminary examination of the skin.)

2. A three-dimensional radiofrequency (increases the temperature of the skin beyond 40 degrees in order to stimulate collagen.)

3. A led with a patented pulse cycle. (Luminotherapy)

What are the results?

The results are visible from the first visit with an immediate boost.

The complexion is more uniform and the pores are tightened.

Fine lines are reduced.

The contours of the face are firmer and better defined.

What are the side effects?