Facial skin sagging varies with genetic and personal hygiene. For this reason, Dr. Cooremans has developed Iuventu-Lift®, a non-surgical alternative with no scars, or social withdrawal.

By combining different techniques, a similar effect to surgical face lift can be obtained.

All these techniques can be achieved in 2 to 4 sessions. The lifting is therefore progressive and natural:

1. The face lift "top of the face": Botox® + Fillers (hyaluronic acid)
Eyes opening, elevation of the upper part of the eyebrow.

2. The face lift "middle of the face": Fillers (Juvederm)
Replenishing loss of tissue under the eyes, sunken and hollow cheeks.

3. The face lift "bottom of the face": Non resorbable threads and/or Volux
Enhances the oval of the face.

IUVENTU-LIFT® is a new technique (2018) for a natural facelift

It offers a real alternative to a surgical facelift, with 95% patient satisfaction!

"Why this approach, and not another?"
"Why this dermatologist or this particular surgeon?"

You may have asked yourself, why a patient who gets the same facial product (for example Juvederm Voluma) leaves the cosmetic doctor, dermatologist or surgeon’s consulting room with a different result, when exactly the same product has been injected?

Of course, it’s a matter not only of the doctor’s dexterity but also the techniques for injection (bolus...), the tools used (quality of needles or cannulae used), the injection method (retrograde, fan), the machinery (Magellan machine for PRP approved by the F.D.A.), the depth of injection, the doctor’s experience and his artistry, how he sees your face and his vision of the possibilities to beautify you without changing you.

What is the new IUVENTU-LIFT® technique?

Dr. Cooremans decided, after a close analysis of the local situation and doubts with regards to cosmetic surgery, to help some of those individuals who were unsure as how best to turn back the clock in a natural way; without pumping up their lips or their cheeks.

Dr Cooremans thus refined a technique: the IUVENTU-LIFT®. Cosmetic doctors, trained in this technique, will be able to guarantee the patient a natural and progressive rejuvenation. It is like a culinary recipe which works if the ingredients are the right ones, used in the right way, with the proper skills.

The techniques and processes are secret, but the recipe’s injected ingredients are transparent; a true Elixir of Youth.

It is not magic... The elixir is a subtle mixture of hyaluronic acid (Juvederm Volux, Voluma, Volift, Volite) and high quality PRP with autologous stem cells, which are injected following strict protocols under the IUVENTU-LIFT® technique.

This guarantees a naturally youthful appearance, and more balanced and attractive look. The technique is a trade-mark, a guarantor of quality as regards the end result and the doctors who train under Dr. Cooremans to deliver the treatment.

Satisfaction rates exceed 95%

Will the technique be suitable for me?

Yes !

Are you are looking for a simple rejuvenation method, one that is natural and progressive?

Are you are unconvinced about a surgical facelift with possibly uncertain results?

Do you think that your face deserves a budget and an annual maintenance program (and MOT, just as you might give your car or your heating system!)?

Do you want to be at work next morning, or hope to dine with friends with no more than congratulations on how well you are looking?

Do you want to be younger looking and more attractive (while avoiding the caricature of trout lips or swollen cheeks)?

You don't like bruises, pain or scars?

Is the answer YES to all of these questions?

If so, make an appointment today with Dr Cooremans for an initial 3D facial scan, with photo and video support. Book your own preliminary session by clicking button below, then 3D STUDY.

Price: €100 (deductible during a Iuventu-Lift treatment)

Time required: 45 minutes

Note: no injections occur at this stage. You have time to think and reconsider.

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