Don't be tempted by all those commercial beauty centres that use marketing terms (bio-peeling, herbal, hydra, derma...) concerning peelings.

IN FACT peelings are divided
in 3 categories

Superficial peeling

No pain, no social eviction

Mild, with fruit acids such as glycolic acid, mandelic salicylic and lactic acid. The doctor will choose the best ingredient for your skin type. The result: better hydrated, more radiant and luminous skin.

Medium peeling

No pain, no social eviction

Cyclo peeling with TCA to get rid of fine lines, age spots, sun spots, acne. Our partner Skintech provides top-of-the-range PAIN CONTROL products that are painless despite the fact that we are in the middle dermis unlike other peels.

IUVENTU advises 4 sessions spaced 10 to 30 days apart for a progressive result without social eviction. Result: smoother and more toned skin and disappearance of sun spots and fine wrinkles.

Deep peeling

Burning sensation that lasts 8 seconds, under local anaesthesia, 10 days of social eviction

PHENOL peeling reserved for difficult wrinkles, eye contour, mouth contour: the "bar codes" of the upper lip. A real chemical BLEPHAROPLASTIC upper and LOWER BLEPHAROPLASTY without surgery or scarring.

Truly spectacular results: general rejuvenation of the skin.

The doctor is the ONLY person who can advise you which peel best suits your skin type.